Fly away home / Maikäfer Flieg in Asia

Back from South East Asia - back from Singapur and Kuala Lumpur

Screenwriter Sandra Bohle and me, we were for 12 days in SE Asia to present Fly away home-Maikäfer Flieg (2016) to an asian audience and it was amazing. We had 2 Screenings in Singapur, in the German European School and in the National Gallery as Opener Movie for the EUFF European Union Filmfestival in Singapore, 28th Edition. The third screening took place  in KL, Malaysia in Coorporation with the local Goethe Institute and the Austrian Embassy in Malaysia.  Austrian Ambassador Karin Fichtinger-Grohe invited us and organized all the screenings.  The big response of Singapore media was esciting due to the work of Shirlene Noordin. Here are the results to watch and to read. We even got on Channel News Asia in the famous Morning News Edition on rotation. It was a blast. THANK YOU. We definitly come back for more.

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